General Tips & Tricks

A catalog of the various tips and tricks we have learned for a variety of software platforms.
Available Formats: PDF


Presents the steps used, with sample data, for the preparation of “grids” for classification. This includes: (1) Image Mosaics (2) Classification Grid Creation.  A good introduction to data prep. using ArcGIS and ERDAS.
Required Software: ERDAS IMAGINE, ArcDesktop
Available Formats: ZIP (Part One, Part Two, Part Three)

Segmentation & Classification

Explanation of how we segment our imagery prior to classification, and then classify he segments. These are the first and second steps in “Object Based Image Analysis” or OBIA.  Introduction to Definiens Developer classification.
Required Software: Definiens Developer
Available Formats: ZIP

Post Processing

Presents some of the steps we take to create our final map products after the classification is performed.  Introduction to ArcGIS Modelbuilder and Python integration.
Required Software: ArcGIS, Python 2.x (Free Download)
Available Formats: ZIP


Describes how we validate our final map products using “Virtual Validation”, the use of Google Earth and similar online mapping products.
Required Software: ArcGIS, Google Earth
Available Formats: 7ZIP, RAR