About the team

The holmes team (Nick Giner, Rahul Rakshit, Dan Runfola, and Albert Decatur) is a cutting edge research group focused on producing very high resolution (.45 cm) maps of the Plum Island Ecosystem. Following in the methodological footsteps of our colleagues at the BES LTER project, especially Morgan Grove, Jarlath O’Neill-Dunne, and Weiqi Zhou, we continue to advance object-oriented methods for mapping - especially focusing on issues of accuracy assessment and methodological comparison. This website exists to make public the procedures we utilized during this process as well as provide the data to interested researchers across the United States. It is our hope that such transparency will catalyze the use of these datasets and prompt the creation of similar datasets.

Current Team Managers
Nick Giner
Nick Giner hails from Philadelphia, PA, and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography with honors from the Pennsylvania State University in 2008.  He is currently pursuing a PhD in Geography from Clark University, where his research interests include GIScience, remote sensing, geospatial intelligence, and accuracy assessment of remotely sensed imagery.  Nick has been a project manager on the holmes team since the spring of 2009.

Dan Runfola
Daniel Miller Runfola is a PhD Candidate and Graduate Fellow at the Clark University Graduate School of Geography. Before his admission into Clark University, he served as the president of a nation-wide web-design company in Atlanta, GA for 4 years. Dan studies the human-environment interface, with a specialty in examining the relationship between human-driven land cover change, climate, demographics and water consumption. His research has focused on the environmental implications of urban growth policies, satellite remote sensing methods for land cover classification, and the vulnerability of U.S. federal infrastructure to climate change. He is an expert in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), land change analysis and modeling, satellite remote sensing, and spatial statistics.

Previous Team Managers
James Wilson - Clark University Undergraduate '09
Albert Decatur - Clark University Undergraduate '09
Rahul Rakshit - Clark University PhD '12
Tom Hamill - Clark University MA '11